NCSB Job Application Form

Kathy Abraham - Owner

I started in this industry about 30 years ago some of you may remember Ponderosa... If someone had asked me back then if this is where I would be now I could have never imagined it, however such a gift to have been given the opportunity to provide quality home cooked food for a reasonable price and to have such wonderful customers, so many years in this industry have brought many wonderful people through the doors and established many long lasting friendships. I love that this has become a place my customers feel at home.

If asked what the best part of doing what I do is, I would have to say watching over the years all of the kids that have worked for me grow into their own, getting married , starting careers, having children.. and you know your getting old when their children are now applying for the same job their parents did... good life stuff! :-)

I am also blessed to be able to participate in many community events that do great things for others... after all, what makes the world go round is looking past oneself.

In all, I am thankful for the opportunity to work, live and raise a family in this community, thank you for making it possible. :-)


Tom O'Brien - Owner/Operations Manager

Hello, Tom here. I am the Operations Manager for North Country Steak Buffet, as well as Kathy's business partner and brother.... It's hard to believe that in 1987 I was starting my first job as a dish washer for Ponderosa in the same building we are doing business in now, in fact it was Kathy who got me the job. I have held many different positions in the industry since then, but came to work in Ponderosa in 1997. In 1998, Ponderosa was changed to North Country Steak Buffet. Kathy purchased NCSB in 2001 and with a huge thanks to her I became a partner in the business in 2003, the rest as they say, is history.

NCSB has been the home to many amazing kids throughout the years, its fun to watch them grow up, move on, and make successful lives for themselves, and I am very proud to be able to say I have been a part of that.

I am extremely lucky to work with the caliber of people who make up our management team. Kathy, Ricci, Randy, Kara, Renee, Zach and Maranda. You guys are what make this restaurant a big success and an incredible place to work.

You tend to count yourself lucky when you enjoy coming to work everyday, and the biggest reason for that is our customers. Thank you to each and every one of you! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.


Ricci Herrmann - General Manager

HI, I am happy to have the title "General Manager" of the North Country Steak Buffet!!

I have been employed with this restaurant (although formerly Ponderosa) for over 15 years. I started as waitstaff and crew member and over time took advantage of several opportunities to advance myself.

I can honestly say, I love and enjoy my job. Our jobs can be very demanding and I am not sure I would do what I do anywhere else. I work for some pretty amazing people and they make my job very enjoyable and easily accommodate my home life. We are blessed with outstanding employees (past and present) that make the day in and out of this job so much fun (Go Team Amazing!!).

When I am not with my 'work' family, I am with my family at home. My husband, Andy, and I have four beautiful children that keep us busy, laughing and crying....pending the day!! My favorite part of the day at home is dinner time, a chance to catch up with everyone. Plus it's always entertainment to see who's going to break a plate or spill their milk. What's life without some chaos?!


Kara Wert - Assistant Manager


Randy Campbell - Shift Manager

As the "old man" of the North Country management team, also known to go by SFOWG (inside joke), I like to draw upon my wide range of experiences (jack of all trades, master of none) to keep your visits to NCSB fresh and an enjoyable dining out experience. When Kathy Call purchased the restaurant in 2001, she contacted me to see if I wanted to come back and be one of the managers here. I pretty much jumped at the opportunity because of my previous work experience with Kathy and the Ponderosa brand in the mid-ninety's. I jumped because I LOVED the way we all worked together. We had a great team at Ponderosa, too. I was the 'change' guy. I love to think outside the box. I still don't know how I talked Kathy into letting me cut her Buffet apart to rearrange all the cabinets for better traffic flow. You "old timers" might remember when the buffet wasn't one long counter like it is now, but had an island where buffet fillers and customers competed for room! I'm very proud of how far we've come from those humble and sometimes scary beginnings. With all the changes, one thing has always remained the same, our commitment to being the best, cleanest, friendliest restaurant we can be.

Ive lived in this area my whole life. I am a proud father of 8 children, which includes 3 special needs girls. We are outside the box there too, with my oldest twin boys turning 30 something and then my youngest daughter is nine. When I 'retire' (relative term since they all think I am there now), I will bleed North Country green and fondly remember my work experience here!


Renee Jackson - Shift Manager


Zach Oxley - Shift Manager


Maranda Pientok - Shift Manager