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Saturday Dinner
11 am to 9 pm


Mon-Sat: 11-9
Sun: 9:30-9

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Saturday Dinner Menu Specials

Family favorites you're sure to enjoy

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Our Saturdays have become a big hit with our customers! We run our dinner menu all day on Saturdays, so everyone gets a chance to try the great home made selections we put out for dinner. Take a look at these Saturday dinner specials!

Kids (1-5 years) eat today and Sunday!!


Beef Stroganoff
Homemade Lasagna
Fried Chicken
Popcorn Shrimp
Mini Corn Dogs
Corn/Green Beans
Garlic Toast
Mac n Cheese
Hot Dessert
French Fries

As you can see, we offer an incredible variety of items that will appeal to all different tastes and diets.

Stop in and see us for Dinner!

** Menu may periodically change due to supply of products.

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